Welcome to Picklehead's new Shopify store! Posted on 13 Apr 14:49

Welcome to our new Shopify Store! We've got lots and lots of great products, including single song digital downloads from many of our artists for only 89 cents each! That's less than Rhapsody, less than Itunes, less than just about anybody else! So browse our catalog, go to www.picklehead.com and browse our categories, like 'Comedy Music,' 'Variety Artists,' 'Christmas Music,' and many more. There are song samples for most of our artists, so you can listen to a lot of great stuff online for free. And after you do all of that, you might want to add to your music collection. We've even got actual CD's to buy, and, dare we say it, a few cassettes! Sorry, no 8-tracks...
Stay tuned to our site. We're always adding more great stuff. You can also sign up for our newsletter by sending an email to picklehead@picklehead.com, and putting 'newsletter' in the subject line.
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