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Here are links to some of our artists who have been featured on The Dr. Demento Show.
Our goal is to fill Picklehead with Dr. D artists. If you know any of them, have them contact us!

Bananas At Large: Famous for 'Turdy Point Buck.'

 Bird and Macdonald: The one and only. Dr. Demento AND Bird and Macdonald got into trouble when the doctor played some of their risque music on his show. Now we've got it here!

The Capitol Steps: The finest and foremost political parody group. Enough said.

  Tim Cavanagh: Can you believe one CD with NINE songs on Dr. D? Believe it.

Dan Chopin: The 'Get Off the Phone and Drive' guy.

Da Yoopers: Did 'The Second Week of Deer Camp.'

Dr. Elmo: Dr. Demento was probably one of the first to play 'Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.' At least we think he was. He should have been, at least...

 Wayne Faust: Lots of songs on the Good Doctor's show, both with Faust & Lewis and on his own. His most recent song was "Fudge," off his CD, "Songs From the Road."

 Faust & Lewis: Their two biggest songs on Dr. Demento are 'Save the Beer' and 'Bald Guys,' although the good doctor has played many more of these guys' songs.

The Foremen  Funny folk music from the 90's. Dr Demento featured their music and interviewed them several times over the years.

John Forster: His song, "Entering Marion" is a Dr. Demento classic, and this guy's got lots more great, satirical songs in the tradition of Tom Lehrer.

Steve Goodie (Two Jew Revue): Great comedy music in a distinctively ethnic vein.

 Sean Morey: The guy who did one of our most requested songs - 'The Man Song!'

The New Duncan Imperials: Great rock and roll party music, with a Demento bent.

Rob Paranovian: The 'Pachabel' song

Henry Phillips: 'On the Shoulders Of Freaks.'

Pinkard and Bowden: Lots of great parodies on Dr. Demento.

Power Salad: Lots of Dr. D. credits, including their song 'Co-Dependency'

 Cali Rose: A good friend of Dr. D, and frequent contributor to the show.

Sneaky Pete:  He's had TWELVE songs on Dr. D., including 'Bar-B-Que Barney' which made it to #5, and 'Booger In My Beer Mug' which was #1 two weeks in a row.

Sudden Death:  Picklehead's first Comedy-Rap Music Artists, their songs 'Star Trek Life' and 'Road Ragin' were Dr. D. hits, and 'South Park Junkie' was the 4th most requested song in 1998.

Throwing Toasters: A mysterious 'Alternative Rock Comedy' band, who did the song 'Debbie' (#3 on Dr. Demento)

Larry Weaver:  One of the most popular new Dr. D artists, thanks to songs like 'Grandpa's Gone Gangsta.

If you're a fan of comedy music, check out these artists. Also, if you know of any Dr. Demento artists not listed here have them contact us so we can add them to the list!


Dr Demento can practice musical medicine with us any time!

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