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Picklehead Music® Proudly Introduces: Caz and the Paradells

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Caz and the Paradells

Recently we got a package in the mail here at the Picklehead Mansion. Enclosed was a CD by some women from New York named Caz and the Paradells. A cover letter said they were a new group and this was their first CD. We were skeptical because we get a lot of stuff here at Picklehead that doesn't meet our high standards. But imagine our surprise and delight when we popped their CD into our system and heard some of the funniest parodies we've listened to in a long time. Check out the song samples below and we think you'll agree. And then order your own copy of their CD - hot of the presses...

Parodies On Ice...So Nice! (CD - $14.95)--hilarious song parodies
titles: Independent Cheese Merchants Party * Bald Headed Woman * Hairless Sister * Bed Wetter * Butterball * Franks and Beans * Gotta My Period * Short and Stout * Blonder * Koole-Aide

Audio Samples (MP3):

     Hairless Sister      Butterball     Gotta My Period  Independent Cheese Merchants Party

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